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Welcome to Maldives For All,

if you have been dreaming of going to the Maldives and you thought you could not afford it, then you came at the right place!

We don’t just offer affordable holidays but we have crafted 5 stars experiences for memorable, fun and exciting stays in the Maldives. We have partnered with professionals from the luxury hospitality industry, chosen the most exciting activities, designed the most memorable excursions whether it is for Couples, Families with Kids, Group of Friends or even solo Travelers so we can offer you the best all inclusive holidays hassle-free.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, this is why we are here, make your dreams become true! Check our story in the link below and why we have been able to do that!

Maldives Experiences & Themes packages

Maldivian Royale

For those willing to enjoy the maldives with their family and enjoying relaxing excursions, yet amazing with memorable activities.

Maldivian Intense

For those looking for more physical and energy demanding holidays and water sport oriented.

Big Game fishing

This package  is designed for connoisseurs and fishing addicts.

Surfing package

This package is crafted for the wave seekers to provide them with maximum wave riding at the best spots and breaks.


Check our packages selection!

Are you a big game fishing addict looking for rewardful waters, or a diver in search of stunning ocean depths, a surfer seeking the best waves, or a newbie who wants to have a first memorable experience with his family of the different water sports and excursions the Maldives can offer?

Don’t worry we have you covered!

Check our selection of packages that has been designed for each one’s needs.

Dolphin cruise with the Vashafaru My House team

Jumping Tunas fishing with the Vashafaru My House team