Our tailored packages selection just for you!

Cozy and Comfortable hotel rooms on the local islands

We have selected for you the most Cozy and Comfortable hotel rooms on the local islands where you can meet friendly locals, taste yummy local food and enjoy the wild life and the untouched wild beaches and sceneries. On top of roaming in the quiet and peaceful sand streets of the islands, you can shot memorable pictures of the typical maldivian houses and shop traditional and typical goods in local shops.

All – Inclusive food service

All our packages come with half board or full board options so you can decide before hand how much you want to spend on food and avoid wasting time looking for good options. We have already chosen the best for you.

Prebooked transfers and Excursions

With our packages, the transfers from and to the airport, the excursions and activities are included so you can plan in advance your vacation and just enjoy your trip without the hassle of organizing and researching what to do and where. Plus, because we have negotiated the best deals from the best service providers in the Maldives, you will enjoy a supercharged holiday with as many activities as you can do, Price isn’t the problem anymore! Who said that Maldives are only about sunbathing on breathtaking white sand beaches? We’ve taken the dream experience to another level so you can’t remember of a moment where you were feeling bored!

Want to tailor your own package?

All inclusive or a la carte, decide where you want to go, prebook the meals and choose your excursions or activities.

Organize everything in advance and enjoy your vacation time hassle free and make the most out of it! Drop us an email and we’ll organize everything for you!


Below are our most popular packages:

  • The Maldivian Royale Experience package for those willing to enjoy the maldives with their family and enjoying relaxing excursions, yet amazing with memorable activities.
  • The Maldivian Intense Experience package for those looking for more physical and energy demanding holidays and water sport oriented.
  • The “Big Game fishing” package: This package  is designed for connoisseurs and fishing addicts.
  • The Surfing Experience package is crafted for the wave seekers to provide them with maximum wave riding at the best spots and breaks.